We are pleased to invite you to the launch of our complete product line of the new technology Venture.

Venture: a life without interruptions!

We want to welcome you to our Sky and Naida lines!

Sky V “because a child is not a small adult”, we know that they are not and that’s why our line is designed to help them hear in all sound environments they face every day. Let us show you all the new features that brings to Sky Venture.

Naida V “Listen more than you can imagine” it provides power and enhanced performance for users with hearing loss severe to profound. Increases the audibility of high frequency speech sounds. Imagine a whole new listening experience and that permits a smaller device.

Phonak has always been concerned about having the best technology, to achieve improve the quality of life of people. So we know that hearing solutions should have a good performance, be easy to use and always looking for the best design and aesthetics to accompany them in their daily lives.

Venture is the answer to your needs for high performance in complex environments!

Come and learn more about the benefits of Venture!

Phonak PIP Mx, tiene el agrado de invitarlo a la primer Aula PIP, que se llevará acabo en las instalaciones del Instituto Nacional de Rehabilitación dentro del 2º Congreso Internacional de Audiología y Otoneurología.

Nos será grato contar con su asistencia.